Webanizr AMP

AMP is Google's latest project when it comes to speed and mobile viewing. With AMP, mobile websites are loaded almost instantaneously. Because there is no visible load time, websites are much better read and used. Your website also scores better in Google, since loading time is a factor in determining how high your website will be in the results.

No understanding of technology required.

Webanizr combines the speed of AMP with the design options of Webanizr. You can still build and adjust the design yourself. A standard and an AMP version is generated for each design. So you do not need to know how AMP works.

Website loaded instantaneously

Everything in AMP is aimed at limiting the loading time. Complex parts have been removed or replaced. But Google is taking that a step further. Google places a copy of your AMP website on its servers worldwide to ensure that everyone in the world sees your website without loading time.

Mobile first

Webanizr AMP is focused on mobile. Not only is the most traffic on the internet via mobile, it is also the place where the loading time counts the most. This way your visitors with a lesser connection will also see your website on time.

Higher in Google (SEO)

Load time is becoming an increasingly important factor in determining your position in the search results. With a loading time of almost 0 you are set. The mobile first approach also helps, since most Google searches are now also via mobile.

Higher conversion

Because visitors can go directly from page to page, visitors stay longer on the website. This in turn leads to more customers, orders and registrations.

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