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Webanizr is a combination of a CMS and online design tool. With Webanizr you work AMP-first, making sure every page is AMP optimized and utilizing all the benefits of AMP.

Because Webanizr is AMP-first and not a plugin added to a CMS you feel you can do more with AMP instead of less. Having the opportunity to write and design pages that look great, load fast and are completely AMP compatible.

Optimization for marketing, news and blogs

AMPs first focus has been on news, so it is no surprise we incorporated all functionalities that make an AMP news site or blog stand out. The CMS optimizes all news and blog pages for the news carousel in the Google results.

News is read on mobile and AMP is mobile first. Two very strong reasons to make sure every page you build or post with Webanizr has a great user experience on mobile. But does not mean we forget about tablets or desktops. In Webanizr you can easily switch between mobile, tablet and desktop to tweak and optimize the design for every device your readers are using.

Full AMP support

When AMP launched it offered blazing fast pages. But it came at a cost: all pages where reduced to simple static pages. A few years later a lot has changed. AMP now allows you to create fully dynamic pages.

All these new dynamic features are incorporated into Webanizr, allowing you to design the user experience you want to deliver. In the fast, mobile-first and user experience optimized way you expect from AMP pages.

Front-end editor

Creating a post or a landing page is much more than just writing text. It is a mix design, different types of content and a lay-out that makes every element pop out. This cannot be achieved using a simple text editor. That's why Webanizr primary tool of creating content is a front-end editor allowing you to add, remove and style every part of your page. And everything you change is AMP by default. Allowing you to focus on the content, not the technique.

Mix AMP and non-AMP pages

Although AMP continuously adds options to its framework, you'll always have pages you cannot create using AMP. For those pages you can easily turn of AMP, giving you extra functions AMP cannot support at this time: log-in and security elements, sliding multi step forms, conditional content, etc.

The elements that were build in the website layer (the template) will look the same on AMP and non-AMP pages. So except for loading time, your visitors will not notice that the page is not build in AMP. This gives you the ability to create AMP pages where speed matters and non-AMP pages where complex elements are needed.

Use third party elements on your AMP pages

The web becomes ever more entangled. Chances are high you are already using third party elements on your website or are planning to do so. This could be analytic tools, scripts, pop-ups, chats, etc. Not being able to use this would be a great disadvantage. That is why we still allow these elements on AMP pages. They are loaded separately from the AMP page itself, so they do not slow down the page.

This option dos not work for every Third Party solutions, but does extend the possibilities of an AMP page enormously. For the elements this option does not work for, you can easily switch back to the non-AMP version. 

No code, easy to use

All this may sound very complicated, but in reality it is not. When it comes to creating stunning pages, Webanzir may be one of the most user-friendly systems. You never need to write a single line of code. Everything you could achieve by writing code has a user friendly interface in Webanizr. From adding features or content to your page to styling that call-to-action button in detail.

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