This page describes the features included in Webanizr AMP and how Webanizr deals with the AMP specific parts of a website.

Images in AMP

Working with images is slightly differently in AMP. Fortunately, most things in Webanizr AMP are automatically converted. This makes the combination of Webanizr AMP and AMP the perfect tool for the ultimate user experience.

Menu op mobile devices

With the mobile-first approach of AMP, special attention has been paid to the menu on mobile devices. To the smallest details, everything is build to provide a as user-friendly interface as possible.

Google Analytics

Webanizr makes it possible to track visitors over AMP and non AMP pages. You only need one Google Analytics property to accomplish this. Setting it up is dead easy.


In Webanizr you can use fonts from the four largest online platforms when it comes to fonts. OVer 30.000 fonts are available for use in your AMP website. Ranging from free Google fonts to the icon font FontAwesome.

Dynamic show and hide content

The screen space on mobile is limited. In order to get content in the context you want it to be, initial hiding it and showing it on tap is a valuable solution!

More on dynamic hiding and showing content in AMP

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