Dynamically show and hide elements

On mobile there is limited screen space. Initially hiding content and showing it on the click of an button or icon allows you to organise and priotise content on your page.

Hide and show content

In Webanizr AMP you can initially hide content and then show it based on a user action. In most cases the user action is clicking on a button, link or icon.

Hiding content and showing it based on an action is easy to set up. On our Webanizr site we have a manual on how to hide content and add action on to show the content. For AMP pages the procedure is no different. All actions are automatically converted to AMP actions when the page is switched to AMP mode.

Only use AMP actions

When selecting the action to either show or hide the content you have multiple options. How many options depends on the set-up of your website and the current page. In almost all cases you have at least the actions to show, hide and toggle the content. The toggle option hides the content if it is visible and shows the content if it is hidden.

Next to some actions is an AMP logo. This logo signals that this action is AMP compatible. When adding actions to AMP pages, only use the actions that are AMP compatible.

Show and hide the AMP sidebar (menu)

The AMP sidebar is a special type of element and does not respond to the regular show, hide and toggle actions. Use the "toggle menu" action instead to slide the menu in or out of view.

The "toggle menu" action is only to be used on the AMP sidebar element. Applying it to other elements will have no effect.

Hidden content and SEO

Will initially hiding your content hurt your SEO efforts? We do not work at Google so we cannot guaranty anything; but probably not. Google has admitted that initial hiding content on mobile is in a lot of cases the only option you have if you want to provide a good user experience. Therefore, Google has decided to no longer penalize hidden content.

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