Google Analytics in Webanizr AMP

Google Analytics is the tool for almost all website administrators when it comes to Analyzing the website. So it only make sense to extend this option to the AMP pages in your website.

Google Analytics for AMP and non-AMP pages

When you add the AMP function to your website or start with a fresh AMP website from Webanizr you get a mix of AMP and non AMP pages. Some pages are to complex to fully transform to a AMP page. But you want to track you visitors regardless on what kind of page their at. Webanzir AMP does this for you right out of the box. Making sure you can rely on your statistics in Google Analytics.

Setting up Google Analytics for AMP pages

You don't have to set up Google Analytics for AMP seperatly for AMP when using Webanizr. It all comes down to a single setting you can change using the front end editor:

How to add Google Analytics to your website

Webanizr will automaticly transform the Google Analytics script to an AMP complient one for all your AMP pages.

Google Anlytics en cache

Since Google Analytics is present on all pages, changing the script has a heavy impact on your website cache. Alle pages need to be rerenderd. Fortunatly this won't happen very often since you probebly use the same Google Analytics property you added at the start of your website.

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