Why switch to AMP?

There has been a lot of buzz around AMP. But should you switch to AMP? 5 compelling reasons to make the switch:

Speed up your page

AMP is all about speed. With AMP you significantly decrease page loading times. Not only are pages loaded faster, it also takes the browser less time to display the page. That doubles up the speed your visitors experience.

In combination with our high-speed hosting solution pages load almost instantly. By removing loading times you reduce bounces and increase the time visitors spent on your website.

Better mobile user experience

AMP focuses on better user experience, especially on mobile. AMP adds navigation and display options that improve the user experience off your website on mobile. Making your website more intuitive, more fun and more easy to use. Thanks to the broad adaption of AMP, feedback keeps pouring in and AMP keeps improving based on true user experiences.

Next to improving the user experience AMP also makes the user experience more consistent across devices and browsers. Not having to worry about new devices and browsers hitting the market is obviously a bonus.

Stand out in search results

Google deeply believes AMP improves the user experience. So much, it wants to signal it users in the search results which websites offer this level of user experience. Google now shows a AMP logo next to the mobile page results that are AMP compliant.

For now this may not mean much to the average searcher. But as time passes and Google users get used to getting an instant result when they click on a result with this logo, having this logo next to your result may mean as much as reaching a top 3 position.

Always accessible

AMP strongly reduced the overall size of your web page. This is one of he reasons AMP pages are loaded faster. But another great advantage is de loading time of your page on pour mobile connections. Most websites opened on a slow and buggy mobile internet connection take al long time to load or don't load at all. As a result possible customers leave your website or switch to a more response page. Being accessible on slow internet connections will increase your visibility and therefore the number of valuable visitors on your website.

Switching is easy

When you visit the website of the AMP project, you might be overwhelmed by the technical details. But we are now incorporating AMP into the Webanizr design interface. This means you could design your AMP pages without writing code. Just like you design a regular website in Webanizr. You can even use the same design for AMP and non AMP pages. Switch your landing pages as early as possible to get the benefits of AMP and keep more complex pages as non AMP pages. The best of both worlds.

Webanizr AMP ready for beta testing

We opened the option for designing for AMP and non AMP pages simultaneously is now open for beta testing. If you want to try it out yourself, or you want more information on what this could mean for your website, just send us your request:

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